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Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Today I thought I would try something new. In an effort to get into more regular blogging I am linking up with Running with spoons for some random "thinking out loud."

Sine I do this all the time anyway this should be easy.

So today my random thoughts tend to be about the following:

1. I am hungry. Last night speed work was uncomplicated but sure made me hungry. ALL DAY TODAY. I sat at my desk eating my lunch and as soon as I was done.. felt just as hungry as before I ate. So I went and got a snack of cheese, pepperoni, protein balls, and clementines. Oh yea and a second dang cup of coffee. I rarely have a second cup but today I am dying. DYING.

2. Hoping it doesn't rain before 7pm. I was lucky enough to have someone offer me their treadmill because they are 1-moving and 2- don't really use it. They know I am a ridiculously addicted runner and although I rarely use the treadmill, that sometimes it is necessary. I do have a VERY basic one I bought on facebook yard sa…

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